Executive Summary

Professional Growth and Educator Improvement

Teachers Deserve Support

Teachers enter the education profession for noble reasons: They want to help children learn, grow and achieve at high levels. Evaluations should be developed to provide the individualized and constructive feedback necessary to help teachers develop professionally. Evaluation reform is not about going after educators – it's about helping teachers improve what they do to help children on a daily basis, and it’s about elevating the teaching profession.

In fact, the best evaluation systems are tightly linked to and inform teachers’ professional development and growth. What revised evaluation systems can and must do is help teachers identify their strengths and individual professional areas for improvement.  Quality evaluations should also be used to build morale by recognizing and commending hard work, progress, and success.

States should frame their evaluation reforms this way and design a system that teachers can see as helpful, rather than burdensome. States also need to recognize that they have a leadership role to play in addressing and enhancing educator capacity.

Key Questions

  1. What role does the state play in providing professional development? What role could regional service centers play in providing professional development?
  2. How can the state better support districts in providing targeted professional development aligned to evaluation results?
  3. Are there professional development initiatives that the state could provide that align to the evaluation indicators? Or has the state aligned the indicators on the state evaluations system to professional development best practices and initiatives?
  4. Does state messaging around teacher recruitment and retention emphasize a culture of professional growth and learning?
  5. Has the state incorporated the importance of professional development and growth into training district personnel around the evaluations?
  6. How does the evaluation program recognize excellence? What are some ways that it can be used to improve teacher morale?
  7. Does the overall budget allocate enough resources to provide quality and useful professional development opportunities for educators?

Ultimate Goal: Professional Growth and Educator Improvement

The Federal Government and Teacher Evaluation

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