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The Playbook is a tool to provide strategy suggestions for effective educator evaluation reform to state policymakers while giving administrators, union leaders, and teachers suggestions on how they can get involved.  Please click here to see specific ideas for how to contribute. 

Creating effective new teacher evaluations is just as much about engaging and working with individuals than planning and designing the mechanics of the new system. Evaluation reform should be about working with and engaging teachers. The right incentives need to be put into place to drive change and individual attitudes if a new system is to be successful.  Systems can't change unless the people change too.

The Playbook site is provided as a service of Hope Street Group and represents an evolving “best-practices” repository that describes the process, key players, and resources used to engage teachers around reinventing teacher evaluation. Though heavily focused on the work in Tennessee and Delaware, Hope Street Group plans to grow this resource to include best practices and lessons learned from other frontline districts and states.
The information in the Playbook represents over 200 pages of interviews with policymakers, leaders, elected officials, education commissioners, private-sector consultants, and more.  The Hope Street Group Teacher Fellows also contributed greatly.  Hope Street Group thanks those who made the Playbook possible by sharing their experiences and expertise with evaluation reform efforts in their states.  Meet the dedicated individuals who contributed to the Playbook.
The interviews build on the experience and the work of Hope Street Group in the area of evaluation reform, including:
  • Worked with teachers across 17 states to develop a comprehensive list of principles for teacher evaluation reform that influenced policy in states and inspired federal legislation.  You can review the principles and report by clicking here.
  • Assisted in the effort in Delaware to establish a working group of over 400 teachers to develop assessments across all grades and subjects.
  • Contributed to the design of Race to the Top to incentivize evaluation reforms throughout the nation.
  • Sponsors a network of Teacher Fellows throughout the nation who contribute to designing and promoting evaluation programs in their states.
  • Convened a group of experts from states including Tennessee, Delaware, New York, Colorado, Washington, Maryland, and more in 2010 to explore many key aspects of evaluation reforms, such as ways to measure student growth and how to get teachers involved in the planning process.


About Hope Street Group

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The Federal Government and Teacher Evaluation

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